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After taking the new 10/22 Takedown to the range a couple of weeks ago, talking to a few guys and and looking on line about after market options,  I thought I'd add a few upgrades.   

First thing I am getting is a bolt buffer and auto bolt release.  The auto bolt release will make things alot easier to use - the BHO button on the trigger assembly is a pain the a$$.   The buffer will help quiet things down and prevent wear.

I want to put a bipod on it so I needed to change out the barrel band that came with the factory model to the ProMag barrel band that has a picatinny rail.

Then I needed a sling.  Well as you know the 10/22 doesn't come with any type of clip/ring for attaching a sling to them.
I saw this Giles tactical sling and ordered one with the Promag attachment. 

Finally - the bipod will end up being this model:

I can hardly wait to put it all together and get the final product.
Most of these upgrades/add-ons aren't that expensive.

Anything else I'm missing?    Any upgrades to share?


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sending the barrel of my 10/22TD out to get threaded, and 10/44 sights to get over a can 

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being a take down I want mine as simple as possible. simple scope that's it. I got a better 10/22 choice for tricking out. the light varmint. but that's just me
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