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I have always heard really good things about Muck boots.  My mom happened to pick me up a pair for Christmas.  Upon my inspection I noted that they are quite comfortable and seem warm, but I don't see anything on them saying if they are or not like thinsulate rating.  My last boots were Redhead Bone Dry rubbers 1200gr thinsulate.  I actually think my Rocky Prowler 800gr thinsulate boots are much warmer and more comfortable than the Bone Drys.  These Mucks sure seem to be a lot better than the Bone Drys, I just hope they are warm.  Are they?

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Put on boots.  Walk outside.  Report back to us.

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Originally Posted by choptank
Put on boots.  Walk outside.  Report back to us.

Lol good idea, but I don't have an hour or so to adapt outside.  We are cleaning up the huge mess Christmas left us.  Besides its pretty freaking crappy out.  Wind, rain, cold.  I'd have to put my hunting clothing on to survive those elements. 

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My bone drys were garbage- cracked and were bulky.  I have Muck Fieldblazers.  Not much insulation but comfortable and work well for me, price was right also.  My next pair will probably have more insulation, maybe some pack boots for the super cold, or maybe some heated inserts.  Sometimes I think that it might be feet, sweat, socks and blood circulation moreso that the boots.

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I have the Muck Sports and love them,they seem to be better(warmer) then  my old alpha burley sports 800s .

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Put the boots in the freezer for two hours then put them on and go outside.. see how long it takes before either your feet get cold or they stay warm.. 

One of the warmest boots I ever experienced are the GI Mickey Mouse boots.  Used by the Ski Patrol.. A friend of mine was in the Army Ski Patrol stationed in Alaska and introduced me to the boots.  We used to be able to buy them for $2 a pair at the surplus outlet in Jessup.. a long time ago.. 

Anyhow, they always kept my feet warm, but the real test was one day when it was about 10 degrees.  I was about 2 miles from my truck and went through the ice and filled them with water.  I took them off and poured the water out but my socks were still wet. I  was real concerned I could be facing a cold feet issue or even frostbite.. 

Surprisingly, my feet never got cold. When I got back to my truck and took the boots off there was steam rolling out of the boots!

The Mickey Mouse or Korean boots are all rubber with felt sandwiched between the layers of rubber.  You can find the same design in some boots today.  But, what I find interesting about the Mouse boots is the rubber is almost indestructable!!  My boots are about 50 years old now and in perfect condition.  I have been through multiple pairs of rubber boots over the last several years that I had to discard because of tears in the rubber. 

They just don't make them like they used to....

After posting I checked online to see if I could find them.. lots of places on the web to get them.. lots are saying they are genuine G.I. issue, but who knows??  Anyhow, the prices are low enough on the web to give them a try.  

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I own the Muck fieldblazers and woody max. The woody max are the warmest boots I have ever owned. Sorry, never owned the rangers so I can't comment on them. 
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Muck fer sure, wetland and woddy max.

got 3 pairs with hole in em all from dragging bucks out.

Need 2 new pairs next year.

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Holes in the Mucks?

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Muck Rangers are lightweight boots and have very little "gripping ability" because of the sole design. I was wearing them shed hunting in Feb. when I slipped on a hillside and blew out my quadriceps !!!
That said, the Muck Woody Elites that I have are AWESOME !!! Very warm and great lug sole.

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I have the Muck Rangers for the early season, not sure how warm they are this time of the year. I use my Muck woody max this time of the year.
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I have Muck Rangers for early season.  They are not warm this time of year.  For the cold, I have the Muck Arctic Pro and they are warm.


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Great....well thanks for the heads up

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Registered: 06/10/07
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I just bought Muck Arctic Rangers.  Very warm.  But I'm guessing yours are a bit different than mine.
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I repeat "holes in the Mucks?"

I'm getting tired of buying a new pair of rubber boots every year or two.. They all seem to have the same problem.. fragile.  They get holes from briars, and they also have a tendency to split open where the boot flexes behind the toe area.

That's why I commented above that I have a pair of G.I. Mickey Mouse boots that were probably made in the 1950's and the rubber is still in perfect condition.. I wore the heck out of these boots years ago in everything from PA mountains covered with rocks to the marshes and briars of Eastern Maryland.  

Why can't they make a rubber boot that is just as tough today??  I suppose if they did we could not afford them.. 

The Mickey Mouse boots might not be as sexy as a some of the rubber boots I see being marketed today, but I have no faith in buying another pair of fancy full camo modern day rubber boots.

Can someone chime in who has a pair of Muck Boots that are more than 5 years old that have done something besides sit in a tree stand all day??

"Petty, shortsighted Americans outraged at legislature that represents them perfectly"

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Registered: 02/19/06
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My mucks are about 5 yrs old (field blazers) and I used shoe goo to repair a few tears in the neoprene. I mostly treestand hunt but I walk far often and can't imagine anyone deer hunting who does much more in their boots. I wish mine were a bit warmer but generally wear them until the temps are below 30 degrees.

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I wear my muck arctic sports almost every day in the winter to: Feed the horses, cut wood, outdoor chores, fish, hunt, sled with the kid. I beat the crap out off them.  So here's my pros and cons.

1. Easy on and off = Love it
2. Keep my feet toasty. Treestand 4hrs in the teens,  I am a complete wus in the cold.
3. Stylish, the ladies love them.
4. No HOLES and I kill em
5. Great traction, great soles

1. Clumsy but no more than Sorel's and they are size 14 hunks of rubber on my feet.
2. Snow mobile boots are warmer
3. I get 3 years before the sole falls off

I don't even look at other cold weather boots


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I've had my muck "chore" boots for 4 years. They are not warm but i do not prefer warm boots because my feet get piping hot in them walking around. If I know I am going to sit on stand I wear warm socks with a set of toasty toes, then my feet will stay warm. Only complaint about the muck boots is the spot where my heel hits the boot is coming apart and rubs on my heel. Its a seam with stiching in it. I do more hiking and working in them so they get worn a good bit.

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Ive had my Muck Woody Bayous for about 5 years. Comfortable and warm. Mine have so much black shoe goo on them that they look diseased. My foot still stays dry.  Spent lots of time hunting in them. Get a model with good tred on them.

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