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I currently have a Summit 150 and its a deadly accurate bow but lacks power for longer shots. I will not shoot this over 20 - 25 yds. I am looking to get a new crossbow very soon. I am looking at the Parker Tomahawk which is a new model for 2012. It is a smaller bow and weighs 6.5lbs with 320 fps speed and a 160lb pull. I need some advice on Parker bows please before I pull the trigger. Thanks for your input!!!


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I know a roofer in NC that swears by Parker bows and won't use anything else.
Great value, and great customer service he says.

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Good thing they have good customer service. I have 2 buddies, one had his limbs shatter twice.and the other shattered once. They replaced the bow everytime but still scary and dangerous. Tenpoint and don't look back.
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My Dad has a Parker Bushwhacker and has been happy with it.  No issues after two season of moderate use.

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Barnett Wildcat. 320 FPS, 6 pounds, super lite, resonably priced, very quiet, and a nice bow. I have a Horton Ultra Lite Express and a TAC-15i and can honestly say the Wildcat is better then the Horton that's twice the price.

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Have had a Parker Tornado for several years and have not had any problem at all. However, even though accurate much further still hold my shots to 30 yds or less.


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Usually if I don't have something good to say, I won't say it. But here's what I will say. We used to carry Parker crossbows as well as Tenpoint and Wicked Ridge. We also work on all of them. During the busy season we will have 8-10 crossbows in at a time needing repair, maintenance, etc. On the average, 80% of them will be Parker's, Barnett's, or Horton's... the rest Tenpoint/Wicked Ridge. That may be because of the price difference and there are more of the "80%" one's sold, but we rarely have to repair a Tenpoint or Wicked Ridge. We don't stock the Parker bows anymore because we got tired of the repair issues. They do stand behind their product and have a great warranty program.... but i'd rather not to have to use it if I have a choice.

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I bought a Parker Enforcer 3 years ago and have had no problems.  Have killed a mountain buck each year with it.  Very light weight and accurate up to 30 yards, which is the minimum yardage I'll shoot on a whitetail.  I find it has some drift out to 40 on the target range.


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I've been shooting HORTON for over 25 yrs., in fact own 3 of them. I also have 4 friends who shoot HORTON's as well. None of us have had a single problem with our bows EVER !!!
I'm shortly gonna buy either the new Havoc or the Fury. I'm very impressed w/ the "reverse limb" design. Fast, quiet and narrow.

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I have a Parker Cyclone, and LOVE IT!! That bow gets hunted almost everyday. The people on here who have hunted with me and have bought them because of how they seen them work might chime in and add a little. But outstanding customer service.


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Parker is our number one crossbow we carry.99% of the problems we have are operator error. They try to cock it with safety on. or shoot it so much the limbs break. Had one guy run into a tree with it on his fourwheeler snapped head of stock and broke limb Parker replaced whole bow. IF your close to our area stop by the store



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Been shooting a Horton since my shoulder injury. TOTALLY satisfied !!!!! I wanted a back up bow and needed a crank since I'm getting older every year now. Found a 10 point completely set up; quiver, bolts, scope and all, at a reasonable price at a bow shop and I got it. The Horton seems to still do the 20-30 yard shots more accurate, but 30-40 the 10 Point burns it down.

Never had a Parker, so no bad rap from here, but I've heard....... 

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