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I know the favorite acorn for the whitetail is from the white oak but how about those large acorns that drop from the chestnut acorn? I just happened to hunt near one and it was raining some of the biggest acorns I have ever seen....didn't see a deer but the acorns were massive.

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Why do people say White Oaks are best?  Because they have tasted them?  They asked the deer?  Chestnut Oaks have deeply furrowed bark, very deep, large groves in the tree trunk if you will.  Yes their acorns are large, look like a foot ball about 1 inch long or so.  White Oak acorns are like a french hat, smaller but not the smallest.  Both trees grow in the uplands but there are Swamp species of both white and chestnut that look very similar and grow in the wetlands.  The deer are going to eat them all.  Red Oaks, probably the most common, have the largest acorn and deer love them.  Now it's not so much food anymore, it's all sex related.  The time has come.  Sure food source works but I saw deer eating, and rubbing greenbrier vines the other day at the bottom of the hill why I was up the hill in the oaks.  Deer worked near me but were scent checking rubs and scrapes and ignored the acorns that were all over the place.  Maybe they've had their fill?  Want something else ? Have other things on the brain?

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sikawork - I have a property that is loaded with Chestnut oak and the deer never touch them. The woods are loaded with chestnut oak saplings. They clean up on the white oak acorns though. Red oak as well once the white oak are gone.


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I have found that pin oak then white oak then red oak, never seen them eating a chestnut oak.I have never seen a sika eat them as well,and they eat EVERYTHING.....Sorry, ment rock oak,not chestnut

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whteoaks are supposed to have less tanic acid therefore making them less bitter. at least thats what chuck adams wrote in the bowhunter digest back in about 1981-82 .  i believe chuck !   lol


culling bucks is done by people wanting to play god. all the megga bucks ever killed were at some point , A DINK ! crop damage permits are nothing more then legalized poaching permits, imo ! stop killing all the doe people, they are what give us buck`s !!!

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Supposedly the swamp chestnut oak (not deep farrowed bark) are less bitter like a white oak. Chestnut oak, deep bark is bitter. I have both on my property. I know they love the swamp chestnut oak for sure.

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Swamp chestnut oak bark

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Originally Posted by Salmo
Why do people say White Oaks are best?  Because they have tasted them?  They asked the deer? 

Yes and yes.
White oak acorns suck less than red-oak acorns. I've tasted both.
One can ask the deer by observing what they like.

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