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The Family got together for Christmas and got me a pair. Ill start by saying these are not cheap, almost $400.

I am Red Green color blind and struggle to see blood after a shot, i mean its just about impossible to see it. What takes me 20 minutes to track down on a blood trail  my sons travel the same distance in 2 minutes stating blood, blood, blood and I am saying stop and show me.

So I had my granddaughters in front of me when i first put them on, wow was what I basically said. I had no idea one of them was wearing pink, I thought it was a washed out pale color before I put the glasses on.

I cannot believe the colors I can see, the Reds, Greens, Blues just pop now. I was in  parking lot and what would normally be what I thought was just a line gray or silver cars I realize each one is  different color.

Stores signs that I see everyday I never realized had color are screaming with colors.

As I was walking in a parking lot I some times turn or jerk to look because colors just catch my eyes as people walk by. 

You dont know what you are missing until you have the chance to really see the colors.

Im sure its not the same as a deaf person hearing for the 1st time but it is quite eye opening, no pun intended.

While seeing the colors is amazing I'm still up in the air as to whether these are practical or not. They sort of put you in the mind of a 60's hippie look because they are wire rimmed, a bit small, and they look like sunglasses. When you walk inside you have to take them off because they make everything darker. My brother ask me if I could track with them on at night and I never thought about that until he ask. Well if its dark out I can only imagine how dark it would be with the glasses on, I know I would have a flash light but it would still be a challenge with sunglasses on at night. Maybe I should only hunt the mornings.

It does make reading a tiny bit hard to do because they make reading a tad blurry for me.

The way colors are so vibrant just amazes me, I guess what I normally see is washed out colors. Best way I can describe colors from  what I probably see is like the head lights with the chalky film on them. 

I cant see me wearing these everywhere, everyday, all day as regular sunglasses and they are to expensive in my opinion to just sit in a glove box. What I would like to see them do is make them more appealing like my Costa's or some type of sunglasses that you could wear all day.

Feel free to ask questions. 

It is cool though to see colors for the 1st time.


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Thanks for the review.  I'm red green color blind so I'm interested in the topic.  Although I forgot I read about them recently.  I'm sure as with most new technology the quality will go up and the price will go down.

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Very cool. N if they end up catching on n being a big money deal u better believe costa n the likes will offer them. Costa already makes prescription glasses. Either way even if u can’t wear em everywhere still very cool n a nice gift. Couldn’t imagine not seeing colors.

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Question Mark,what color did you think a Coke can was? Or a Chik felet building sign? Bet all those colorful Adirondack chairs on 50 n Kit Kat rd blow your mind.
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Must have been like in the Wizard of OZ when Dorothy walked out of the house after it landed on the witch and everything went to color after being black and white. 

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I love watching the videos online of people putting them
on and seeing colors for the first time.  Cool stuff.

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Very cool, I'm on the same colorblind boat.

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Originally Posted by Blindsquirrel
Very cool, I'm on the same colorblind boat.


Thanks for the review. I'm sold.

I get these and a hearing aid I'll be all fixed!

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Cool Deal, Enjoy the great Christmas present.
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