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but what about trading someone something. im torn between keeping all my antlers or letting them go. im tired of moving them and it would be nice if someone could put them to good use. no, they are not huge alberta sheds, I would say average to less with a few nice ones.
so, is it legal or do I need to pull my ad off of craigslist ?  so many people have replied to my ad that it makes me wonder if this is illegal . 

                                                   thanks much,


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Don't have the language in front of me, but the legislation covers sale, barter, etc...

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I wouldn't think it would be illegal.  You're not selling them...  But then again, who know's how DNR would interpret the rules.  Throw it on a piece of wood and it's a taxidermy item.  Just a thought.  Maybe you look into making lamps and barter those.  Would get more from that.

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A question.....

When a knife maker makes a knife out of a deer antler and then sells that legal?

In general, I'm not sure it is illegal selling whole antlers in many places.  

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I wouldn't worry to much about it. I acquired some for knife handles etc. I personally don't think its that big of a deal. Don't cabelas and other groups like that buy heads for display? Is it only a Maryland rule?

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Then HOW and WHY do the pet stores sell them at ridiculous prices I might add?






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Seems to be a thriving business on ebay

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When in doubt, ask DNR.  Officers do look on the internet for wildlife violations. 

Antlers are legal to sell in many states.  I don't think you can in Maryland and barter is simply eliminating the cash but you are still trading for something of value.

Taxidermists were able to sell unclaimed mounts for the balance due on the mount at one time.  Don't know if that is still the case or not, but they were not supposed to profit on the deal.

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Sell the guy an old t shirt and then just GIVE him the antlers!

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laws laws laws. Im probably breaking one right now posting this????

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Ha, I emailed you off CL......  you replied to my first email, but not my second.  PM me if you want to talk further....

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