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A simple walk through for those considering signing up.

1. Hit this link, it will take you to the sign up page.

2. You will have two choices for signup payment
The $10 option to just get in the contest or $14 which will buy you entry plus a MWC decal. We will collect your mailing info and get a decal in the mail asap. Give us a week or two please.

***all funds go directly to fund the site, your donation is GREATLY APPRECIATED

3. When you go to paypay...You have two options to pay with. A paypal account OR a bank checking credit card. Choose one....

4. You will be prompted to fill out name and address. Please include your "SCREEN NAME"

*** Your transaction ID number is the number that paypal gives you, That means 'YOUR IN'. Just be patient with us while we run the sign up process.

5. Keep your transaction ID number. We will run sign up over the next couple weeks. We will place your name in a hat or something and randomly draw names to fill each team. The number of teams and the number of players on each team we will determine at the last few moments to best even it out.

6. Look for your team placement a day or two before the Maryland Season begins. Yes we understand DE starts a bit early, hunt away! We will count your kills if you are lucky enough to take a deer.

We are gathering prizes NOW. We already have a donation of some sort of collectible coin/ bill like last year. We are working on maybe a shirt and hat. We will announce prize packages later. We will follow the same point system and guidelines we have for ever previous year. If you have a question, shoot a PM to the MWC account and one of the MODS will do the best they can to answer. B

Basically sign up and just wait, we will take it from there.



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