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In December, the US will no longer be able to produce home-grown ammunition from mining to sale/use.  We will have to purchase our primary lead resources from overseas.

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Thats ok... too many california vultures dieing off from lead poisoning from target shooters anyways...
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Actually not completely true, the MS Shooters web site thread:

"This is not really the "last" lead smelter in the US. There is a lead smelting and recycling facility in PA, and when i googled it i found a bunch of smaller ones.

for example, see here:

This plant was certainly the biggest and last one to process raw ore, but most lead (80%) goes into batteries not ammo, and most lead production comes from battery recycling.

Lead is also a very common byproduct of other ore processing (like zinc and copper).

That said, the EPA policy boils down to: let the Mexicans and Canadians get sick due to lead smelting. On balance, its probably worse for the environment because Mexican and Chinese environmental standards are pretty bad."

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Actually, it is true if you read the article.  It's the last primary smelter (i.e., takes raw ore and converts it to pure lead), and I should have stated that in the title.  The others in operation are secondary smelters that take recycled lead and reprocess it for reuse.  They cannot process ore into marketable lead, thus the difference and why the loss impacts ammunition supplies as raw lead ore to pure, first run lead for use is critical for the production of ammunition.

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