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For 2010, The Maryland Bowhunting Hall of Fame is proud to present Lou Compton as one of its 2010 inductees.


Born in 1957, Lou always played the “Indian” whenever he and his buddies played Cowboys and Indians and was constantly making a bow out of a twig and a string.

Lou started hunting at age 12 and picked up bowhunting at 18 with his first bow, a Colt recurve. His first real bowhunting outing was in northern Baltimore County and Lou emptied his quiver at a doe and two yearlings without cutting a hair. That was it, Lou was hooked! Eventually he switched to shooting compounds with a new Bear Whitetail Bow. That was the one with six pulleys!


Eventually he graduated to a Darton Compound purchased at the original Bowhunters’ Discount Warehouse. In the early 1980’s Lou signed up as a Maryland Bowhunter Society member. Lou had many more adventures but wouldn’t score his first deer for several years.


In 1986 Lou moved to MD’s Lower Eastern Shore with his wife Fran and heir two boys. It was in 1990 that Lou finally scored his first deer. It was a nice 8 pointer taken from the ground. Lou also scored on his largest deer to date in 1992, a super 13 pointer.


As Lou progressed he returned to his roots with the purchase of a Martin Hatfield recurve. In 1993 Lou went back to traditional bowhunting gear with a Martin Hatfield take-down recurve. He began to mature as a hunter and supporter of the sport by getting “involved” with bow organizations. As a member of the Traditional Bowhunters of Maryland Lou met many fine bowhunters that educated and inspired him to appreciate the rich heritage of bowhunting in MD and in America. For 5 years, Lou served as the TBM’s newsletter editor.


In 1999 Lou was motivated to get involved with MBS. In his words “I saw a need to be more politically active to protect and promote bowhunting in Maryland”. In this new endeavor, he discovered that the MBS was in a state of near collapse. He was determined to fix it one way or another.


Working closely with a team of four other Maryland bowhunters, they worked to reorganize the MBS and breathe new life into the organization focusing special attention on restoring the lines of communication with all members, transparency, accountability and integrity to the organization..

In Lou’s tenure with the MBS he has served as MBS interim executive Secretary in 1999, President in 2000-2003, Vice-President in 2006-2007 and President again in 2008 through 2010. In 2003 Lou worked hard to bring the National Archery in the Schools Program to MD as a MBS initiative. During this period, he continued to work closely with Maryland DNR and NASP to facilitate the growth of the NASP program in Maryland. Lou is a certified NASP Instructor and NFAA Level III Coach. Further, he has encouraged formation of MBS Chapters to provide a local outlet of MBS to members spread out across MD.


Lou has strived to foster a strong youth outreach within the MBS working at numerous Youth Hunter Field Days and other MBS youth events. Lou serves as a MBS representative to the North American Bowhunting Coalition as well as the Northeast Regional Chair of that organization.


Having hunted all across Maryland and taken several deer to include two sika deer, Lou considers each animal taken as a blessing. Lou has also bowhunted in Montana for elk (unsuccessfully though) and for black bear in New Brunswick, Canada. His future holds a wild adventure hunting Canadian Moose this coming fall in Newfoundland.


In Lou’s words: “I don’t focus so much on bagging a trophy animal as much as I do in trying to make each outing afield a “trophy” experience. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to take a genuine trophy animal of “book” quality but even if I did the overall experience of that hunt would be my real trophy.”


Lou considers other hunting related accomplishments as his most prized personal trophies. For instance bringing NASP to MD and watching the eyes of a youngster light up as he or she shoots a bull’s eye or pops a balloon with an arrow they shoot.


By far though, Lou’s greatest “trophy” is the re-birth of MBS. I am most proud of the way that MBS has grown over recent years and the impact that MBS has had on bowhunting in Maryland. The MBS will always be very near and dear to my heart and while I may not always be in an officer’s position I will always be an active member helping to keep MBS headed in the right direction.”


Lou also holds memberships in The US Sportsman’s Alliance, The Pope & Young Club and the Maryland Chapter, of the Rocky Mt. Elk Foundation.


Thanks Lou, this is a well deserved presentation and we are thankful to have you in the hall of fame for al your years of dedication and support.




“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader” "make it a favorite"

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