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Here it is folks. The very first of its kind in our grand state. This is designed to pay homage, recognition and honor those pioneers of our grand sport. It is Maryland's most prestigious award in outdoor excellence.

If you have any information on a Maryland individual who at one time was a perhaps a famous bowyer, contributor to our grand states bowhunting heritage, or in general a popular bowhunter/archery competition champ with multiple accomplishments and awards, a popular bowhunting columnist, archery dealer from the day, or pioneer of archery from the early 20th century either living or post mortem, please feel free to contact me at any time at 443 280-1825 or email me at

Thank you.
Enjoy and appreciate our great bowhunting heritage.

R.M. Lopez
Founder and Curator of the Maryland Bowhunting Hall of Fame.


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