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Hey there ya'll

Over the past few years I have been using muzzy and thunderhead broadheads and both have worked great.........but it's always fun to try something new..... have any of ya'll used a swhacker broadhead?
is it worth it?
I had used a Crimson Talon mech before and it bent all to hell and didn't even open up. so I've been sticking with the tired and true fixed.

I see on the swhacher site they have a buy one get one offer but they don't ship for 4-6 weeks..... a bit late for opening day.

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Registered: 07/22/08
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they look like they would work good on turkeys not sure bout deer i love my mx-4s

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Registered: 09/04/10
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If your wanting to try a great mechanical, try a G5 T3. IMO it's one of the best mechanicals out there. Swhackers suck IMO and not worth the money even at that deal.
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Talked to a "professional" at Autumn Sky Outfitters last night and he praised them. He did not work for Swacker. I have not tried them, he almost talked me into buying them. I'm sticking with Rage crossbow 125. There are a lot of good broadheads out there and Swackers fit in that group. Good luck.

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Mechanicals...heard alot of good things about the NAP killzones with the bone breaking tip....its just hard for me to get away from the fixed blades....i shoot the thunderheads and slicktrick magnums....can't go wrong there either

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cbhunter: talked to the same guy a year ago about them.  I bought a pack on his word.  I think they worked great, the were as precise as my field points and (i believe) they made the difference in and otherwise poor shot I made on my doe last year: tight quartering away shot, but slipped it under the ribs through gut, liver and 1 lung.  tracked her for a total of about 150 yards (although i did back out at one point becuase I though i saw her get up and run away an hour after the shot (def wasn't her). 

On the crimson talon you mentioned, what head was it, x-system?  I have apack of the fixed cromson talon XT and wanna try them out this season.

I will say though, if im aiming at a nice buck for the wall, I will be most comfortable with a swhacker nocked than anything else.


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Used them last year and they did everything as advertised, sharp,flew straight and left good blood trails.Only thing i didnt like was sometimes the entry hole was not very big.

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Hank Parrrrrrrrrrrrkerrrrrrrrr shoots em through plywood...
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You wont be disapointed. Been shooting them for 10 years or better.
But what do I know 

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Im happy for ya!

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When deals like buy one get one or free. Just pay shipping etc pop up it pushes me away from those broadheads. If they were as kick azz as they advertised they would be selling like crazy. You don't often if ever find an awesome deal on rage , g3, spitfire. That tells me they are doing something.right. they started selling at a certain price and having changed that price.or deals. People are.buying and continuing to buy. Not saying they aren't worth trying just giving my thoughts. always the saying ain't broke don't fix it. I changed.broadheads to rage because.I.had.a.terrible experience with rockets. The rages have been.awesome.for me and I wont change til they do me wrong. I average at least 12 bow kills a year and have yet to have an.issue with 2 blade rage. And most deer fall in sight. (60-70) yards or less.

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does anybody else get annoyed by the spelling/pronunciation thing with these broadheads??? 

swhacker    pronounced.........shwacker???  What gives????


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Check this out

A guy on archery talk has been testing pretty much every head that people have been sending him for a couple months now. If you do a search for "broadhead test " in the bowhinting section you'll find it. Its well over a hundred pages with a bunch of pics of all the shots taken. The link I provided is just the results. I don't shoot mechanicals but the shwacker (which is called the sonoran I believe) scored the highest of any mechanical and most fixed.

Oh, and I don't believe that price has much to do with it. I bought a bunch of rage heads from gander about 2 months ago for $20 a pack.

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I shoot them I like them awsome blood trails I would definitely recommend them

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Registered: 11/28/07
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I'll stick with my slick trick mags.
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Registered: 11/25/08
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Thanks for all the info ya'll!!!

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Registered: 07/06/10
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Just got my packs in the mail this weekend. Ordered then last week so order now and you'll get them sooner than you think. I love the heads. Only thing I don't like is the little yellow band for the blades. You have to replace it after the shot but other than that they are great heads and hold up well...

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I could'nt believe when I heard the "Swack" that the blades made when it hit the deer . I could see blood pouring out as he ran about 40 yards and passed out . I'll buy more when I'm out.

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Sanorans were the original Name, they were designed for hunting big game out west by a engineer name Rick Forest.
They have been marketed as swackers in the past few years by hank parker.

Broad heads are like bows it dont matter who makes them or how much they are.... it boils down to are you comfortable consistant and confident in your choice of equiptment to do the job. If so dont change if not change.
Im just telling ya they are a great head !

If your Happy with it....
Im happy for ya!
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