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Remember What He Has Done

Today’s Scripture

"Remember His marvelous works which He has done, His wonders, and the judgments of His mouth." (Psalm 105:5, NKJV)

Anything can become routine if we let it. Anything can feel mundane after a while. Not long ago, I was talking to a professional baseball player. He has been in the bigleagues about fifteen years. His life seems so exciting, far from routine, far from ordinary. He said, “No, it’s not what you think. We travel all the time. We’re always on the road, in hotels, eating out and away from our families.”

The truth is, I’m sure he was excited about it all when he first started. There are probably things in your life that you were once excited about. When God opened the door and gave you that new job, that promotion, you were so excited. You called your friends. You knew it was God’s favor. Well, don’t let the passion wear off just because you’ve hadit five years! When you met that person and fell in love, you were on cloud nine. You knew it was God’s goodness. Don’t take it for granted. Remember what God has done! Stir up the joy in your heart. Stir up praise. Thank Him for His faithfulness and let your attitude of gratitude pave the way to live the life of blessing He has for you!

A Prayer for Today

"Father God, right now I take time to remember and acknowledge Your goodness in my life. I praise You because You are good. Thank You for loving me; thank You for setting me free. Thank You for pouring out Your blessings on me and leading me into everlasting life in Jesus’ name. Amen."

I dream a lot. I do more painting when I'm not painting. It's in the subconscious. ::: Andrew Wyeth :::


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Thanks for your regular posts.  
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