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where to get deer processed (butchered) in MD
hi all
this up coming year I am going to hunt the local areas. I live in Baltimore. I would like to know where is the best place to get my deer processed. I have always gone to the eastern shore to hunt and get my deer processed while I'm down there 
thanks for any help

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Ridgely and ferrons in Towson does a nice job.
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Austin's Deer Processing in Hanover.  It's only about 2 or 3 miles from Arundel Mills Mall if you need a landmark.

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Do it yourself, it's easy and you know what your putting in your freezer !



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Originally Posted by nock1
Austin's Deer Processing in Hanover.  It's only about 2 or 3 miles from Arundel Mills Mall if you need a landmark.


do you have a address



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Mike Kelly at Wildlife Concepts in Brooklyn Park


 Phone: (410) 661-6181


He has awesome Jalapeno Cheddar deer dogs along with about 20 other custom cuts. Boneless cut and vacum sealed. He's also an amazing taxidermist.




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I`ll second that do it yourself from Pete...


I enjoy the work of processing the game I take almost as much as the hunt itself. It seems to complete the cycle. I`ve been cutting the meat as long as I`ve been hunting, sometimes making sausages, jerky, grinding the burger, and all sorts of meat craft.


Plus you know it`s your venison, and that part of your burger didn`t come from a rush job during the gun season and wound up being half Jim Bobs Gutshot and Joe Bobs deer that lay in the woods overnight and then got driven around in the back of the truck for three days while he showed it off to friends. 


Plenty of good books in print that will show you how, and lots of help here too if you decide to go this route.



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Austin's Deer Processing


7074 Ridge Road

Hanover Md


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Originally Posted by BobbieVelvet
Ridgely and ferrons in Towson does a nice job.

I've had a few done there. I'm always pleased.


Then there's Holtsingers(sp) in Hagerstown just off I-81. Great folks to deal with.

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I always use sams deer. Never had any problems and he has chipped deer,

bologna,deer dogs and just about anything you want.

He is in finksburg 410-795-4670  



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Tuckahoe Whitetail Cuts. Bart does a great job and every deer we  have taken him we have been very satisfied with it. I know several others that feel the same way and I refer lots of hunters his way.  He is outside of Denton, MD. He is a sponsor here at the Maryland Whitetail web site and his number can be found on this site.

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Ridgley and Ferrens works for me when I can't do it myself.

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Jerrod's Deer Processing, and Sam Pooles. Both are located just over the Baltimore/ Carroll county line.


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 I was going to second Bart's Tuckahoe Whitetail Cuts but I think your looking for a place closer to Balt...

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