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Utah Requires Antler Shed-Hunting Course

If you want to get a head start on other shed-antler hunters in Utah, make sure you’re carrying one of the free permits offered by the state that allows you to hunt antlers before April 15. The printable permit is granted after you take the required online instructional course at

“By law, you must have your certificate with you while you’re gathering shed antlers before April 15,” says Mike Fowlks, law enforcement section chief for the Division of Wildlife Resources. The permit allows the bearer to hunt antlers anywhere in the state, including the northern mountains where shed hunting has been closed through much of the winter and spring for the past few years.

After April 15, a permit isn’t required. The purpose of the early-season permit program is to help instruct hunters on the need to move through deer and elk country without unduly disturbing winter-stressed animals or damaging their habitat. The bonus for the hunters is that they get to hunt sheds before anyone else.


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That's interesting . . . At first I thought it was kind of absurd but it makes sense!


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When I was in Utah last month I considered trying to hunt for some sheds, but I had no time with work....

I went on their DNR site and saw the permit was required.... 


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I completely support a season in western states where
the animals are under stress, and there is nothing wrong
with a permit to help educate..
Honestly its would be better to  have a season, and pay for
a tag than not be able to shed hunt at all.

I wouldn't mind seeing a season in Maryland.
It has become extremely popular.
As long as the money that comes from the permits
goes back into wildlife habitat or something like that.


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I'm a little confused.  I don't understand what good would come out of a shed hunting season or permit for that matter.  Maybe one of you fellers could explain this a little better?  I do think a course on shed hunting would be awesome, just to learn more about it.  Why antlered animals shed every year?  What happens that causes them to shed?  How fast do the antlers grow back?  Hmmm....I smell a new thread. 


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More so in the western states where they have "real" winters,
the deer, and elk and such often are on the edge of survival
this time of year.  The last thing they need is to be pushed or
spooked using valuable energy they need to get them through to the spring thaw.
There are cases every year of people getting fined for harassing elk and deer. 
( They harass the elk or deer in the hopes that the added stress will make their horns drop)

Shed hunters ( and I am a shed hunter ) are becoming more and more
of a threat to deer trying to survive the elements.
Again, this isn't really the case on the east coast where our winters are much more tolerable.


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That makes sense.


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Interesting, I can see why something like that may be needed in the western states after reading your post.


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Maybe out West,but if they start it out there it'll only be time every state follows.
First a shed permit with a season and # of sheds per season.Then they'll go after the mushroomers needing a permit.

The way Pa. likes to try and make a buck every where you look it's a wonder they haven't already started with the shed permit.


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i think people around here would laugh at the idea of buying a permit to look for deer antlers. i know i would. what could the consequences be for looking for deer antlers without a license? like someone else said, seems like a good idea where winters are hard on the herd...but not around here imo.


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Permit for trail cameras next??

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