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Weird question from my mother in law...  She found a dead red tail hawk in her yard, wants to know if it's okay to keep it and have it stuffed by a taxidermist?  If so, what steps does she need to take (with DNR I presume) to do so?  Any help would be appreciated. 


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For the record, I never read this post.

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I believe a Scientific Collection Permit is necessary to legally possess any Raptor parts.  I think one must demonstrate select credentials to obtain this permit.   

I would start here:
Information & Education
Associate Director - Bob Beyer
MD DNR - Wildlife and Heritage Service
Tawes State Office Building, E-1
580 Taylor Ave.
Annapolis, MD 21401


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That's what I figured!  So how would she go about getting rid of it from her yard?  Burry it in the woods?


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She needs to call DNR, they will likely come collect it and have a necropsy done to see if it was poisoned, etc. and do any further investigation.  Or I'm sure she could find a taxidermist to mount it if she was willing to leave a $50,000 deposit to cover the fines in case they get caught!


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Thanks BTO, I'll have her call Bob Beyer to come collect it.


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I called DNR here in NJ when a big red tail got zapped on the power lines in front of the house.... I was told to leave it where it fell.

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They won't come out for hawks or owls but a bald eagle they will. 


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NO...VERY ILLEGAL and very punishable...It's awfull tough to get permitted for a taxidermist mount....awfull tough! I had the privledge and I do mean PRIVLEDGE of seeing a finished bald eagle mount and it was amazing! The owner had gone through about 2years of paper work to get the proper permits....ABOSLUTLY AMAZING  and well worth it. I got a road killed redtailed hawk and tried to get permit, ran into lots of red tape and finally gave up


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I hit a BIG owl a few years ago and it was in perfect shape.  Out of ignorance, I tried to find out if there was a way to keep it.  As it ended up, I donated it to an organization that is allowed to keep them and they parted it our so kids coming in for programs could see and handle the different parts; talons, beak, feathers etc.  Beautiful animal and it seems a shame to leave it in a ditch but that is what you're supposed to do.


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I have a permit to keep any wildlife (except eagles) but it is only valid in PA.   I'd love to have a nice Red-tailed hawk.  Mine is a juvenile and it is getting a little beat up (freeze dried)


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I saw a beautiful Great Horned Owl get hit on Rt 32 like 10 years ago, saw it bounce of the winshield of the car in front of me.  I banged a U and went back and it was dead, but held it for a few minutes admiring it's beauty....  He was huge.....  Layed it in the tall grass on the side of the road.......  I have a buddy that worked for the Scales and Tails program, I was aware that I couldn't keep it. 

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Originally Posted by Downwind
! I had the privilege and I do mean PRIVILEGE of seeing a finished bald eagle mount and it was amazing!

I had the privilege of seeing the mounts of pretty much every raptor in the world at Smithsonian's Natural History Museum last month. I never realized how big Bald Eagles acually are. If you've never been you gotta go. That place is absolutely jaw dropping.

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Ever see a short subject film starring Howard Hill titled Wild Boar Hunt? It was filmed in 1940, and in one scene. Hill takes aim at a "bloodthirsty killer hawk" that just nabbed a dove and he shoots it out of a tree.

How times have changed!

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