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NRP is currently accepting applications for the position of Natural Resources Police Officer.
For more information contact the Recruiter - Ofc. Mance McCall at 443 534-2288.

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Maryland Natural Resources Police Accepting Applications

Annapolis, Maryland (May 13, 2011) – The Maryland Natural Resources Police (NRP) are accepting applications for NRP Officer Candidates. Applications will be accepted until July 27, 2011 and the position has a starting salary of $40,000. NRP is currently attempting to fill 20 positions for the next academy class which is anticipated to start in the first half of 2012.

NRP Officer Candidate is the entry level law enforcement position for a person interested in becoming a Natural Resources Police Officer. A prospective candidate will undergo a fitness assessment, extensive background investigation and written, polygraph, medical and psychological examinations.

Once a person is selected as an Officer Candidate, they will be required to attend a six month live-in police academy at the Maryland Police Training Center located in Sykesville, Md. The next phase of training is a four month field training program. After graduation from training, the newly commissioned law enforcement officer will be assigned to one of eight areas of the state as determined by the needs of the agency and will be on a two year probationary period.

NRP is a State-wide law enforcement agency that enforces Maryland’s conservation laws, serves as the primary law enforcement agency on almost 500,000 acres of land owned or controlled by DNR and serves as Maryland’s lead agency in Maritime law enforcement and search and rescue.

NRP responds to over 20,000 calls for service a year, which include 4,000 maritime calls throughout the Chesapeake Bay, tributaries and the Atlantic Ocean. These calls range from boats in distress, boating accidents, search and rescue to boating and criminal incidents. NRP is also charged with protecting the maritime infrastructure that is vital to Maryland’s economy.

As the oldest state law enforcement agency in existence since 1868, NRP is responsible for protecting and enforcing Maryland’s precious natural resources. These resources range from native brook trout and black bears found in Western Maryland mountains to the white marlin lurking off the coast in the Atlantic Oceans.

Applicants must be willing to accept the challenges that are associated with a unique agency that has vast responsibilities and limited resources. Candidates must be self motivated, independent and confident individuals. The successful candidate must be willing and able to work in isolated areas, harsh conditions, and with little direct supervision to complete the daily assignments that are carried out in Maryland’s beautiful maritime and terrestrial environments.

To apply for this position the applicant must be a United States Citizen, possess at least a high school diploma/GED, possess a valid drivers license, correct vision to 20/20, be at least 21 years old, excellent physical condition, good reputation and sound moral character, no current court orders relating to domestic violence, and are truthful in every stage of the application process.

To view the position announcement please go to

For more information on becoming a Natural Resources Police Officer Candidate please call the NRP recruiter at 443-534-2288.

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