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I have been on the hunt for a cabin backing up to forest land for some time and may have a great lead on one from a guy I play pool with. His girlfriend has a 2 bedroom cabin in Sleepy Hollow subdivision that backs to Sleepy Creek WMA in WV. He said I can probably pick up the property for a song and the cabin is real nice. We are going to take a ride out there in the near future and check it out but wanted to know if any members here know about that area. I did a little research and it looks to be a pretty nice area with a 205 acre lake and 23,000 acre WMA out the back door. I'm looking for a spot where I can mainly bowhunt, maybe do a woodland bird hunting as well as a family getaway spot thats not too far out.


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I think carrollcountybuckhunter does some hunting down that way,maybe shoot him a pm


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Originally Posted by Mulligan

I think carrollcountybuckhunter does some hunting down that way,maybe shoot him a pm

true dat....I think he may mostly rifle hunt there. But I'm sure he can still give some pertinent info.

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if ya let me know the county i can tell ya what ya need to know


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Rugerfan, I have been hunting Sleepy Creek for 22 years or better. I have seen alot of deer there and I have also not seen deer there. If that makes any sense.....Have never bowhunted the area, mainly rifle hunt there. I have always planned on bowhunting there, but just never could pull myself away from our property here in Carroll County. This year is going to be different, because I plan on actually bowhunting it this year. The mountain spans across 2 counties. Berkley and Morgan. They had a rifle range for as long as I have been going there, but a few local yokals ruined it for everybody. It is still there but it is for clay bird shooting only with shotguns. In a way I love this new rule. All week long during rifle season that rifle range sounded like a military range. Now it's nice and peaceful. There are several trails and some have locked gates until hunting season. There are alot of great places for deer and turkey. The Game Wardens have also stepped up to more and better patrols then in years past. I have pulled a few deer out of there including a dandy 8 point. My dad killed a huge 8 point there also a few years back that weighed in at 145 1/2 pounds. Game Warden told him that was one of the best bucks he has seen out of there for a long time. A fellow from Pa shot a beautiful 10 point close to my dad 2 years ago. Before I put you asleep with my rambling you are more then welcome to pm me for some more info. Heck I'll even take you there and show you around sometime.

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Sleepy creek is nice. Not the easiest to get to and it gets a bit jammed up come season. The lake is nice and I have heard mixed news on the fishing. I scouted the area pretty hard when I was thinking of buying in berkley county. Ended up in Morgan myself but if u can steal the place than go for it

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Some good info there! Thanks for sharing. I'll send you a PM tomorrow as I really need to hit the sack. Stayed out late last night and the rolling rocks were going down way too easy but they are catchin up to me right about now!

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